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Specialist Areas

Commercial Litigation

I advise and appear in commercial disputes such as disputes arising in business (including franchises) and in partnerships. This covers a broad range of commercial disputes. They are typically conducted in the Supreme Court of New South Wales or the civil divisions of the District and Local Courts or tribunals such as NCAT.

Corporations & Insolvency

I advise and appear in Corporations and Insolvency matters such as the conduct of public examinations under the Corporations Act and Bankruptcy Act regarding prospective or existing bankruptcies, liquidations, administration and receiverships of individuals or corporations. I also advise and appear in matters concerning corporate governance and directors’ duties, oppression proceedings and other related corporate matters.


I advise and appear in Real Property disputes. Typically, they are conducted in the dedicated Real Property list of the Supreme Court of New South Wales or in NCAT. I act for a range of interested persons including property owners, tenants, developers and investors. The issues include retail and commercial leasing disputes, caveats (extension or removal), easements (variation), conveyancing disputes and the enforcement of property rights including seeking (or resisting) specific performance of a contract for the sale of land.

Equity & Trusts

I advise and appear in matters involving obtaining (and resisting) equitable remedies (such as damages, declarations, rectification). These matters also involve applications for urgent relief such as injunctions, freezing orders, restraints of trade, non-competition provisions and misuse of confidential information.


I advise and appear in regulatory matters in respect of financial products and services including ASIC civil penalty proceedings.

Wills & Estates, Family Provision & Succession

I appear and advise in matters involving deceased estates such as family provision claims and other contentious and non-contentious matters concerning wills and estates.

Additional Areas

Family Law, Adoptions & Elder Law

I advise and appear in family law matters on behalf of parties or third-party interveners (such as the Commissioner of Taxation or Financial Institutions) including property matters involving the identification and division of property and trust assets, which also draws upon my experience in commercial and equity matters.

I advise and appear in elder law matters including estate planning, incapacity, superannuation, abuse and discrimination.

Professional Discipline

I advise and appear for Professional Bodies or insured professionals (such as lawyers, barristers and medical practitioners) in matters concerning professional conduct and discipline.

Corporate Social Responsibility

I advise in respect of corporate social responsibility and emerging and existing anti-slavery laws and standards.

Native Title

I advise in respect of native title trusts.


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