A progressive Sydney barrister.

Progressive legal services for modern clients.

My approach to work is progressive and pragmatic. My objective is to apply my established legal expertise and assiduous work ethic into the best-case scenario for each client. Every time. I draw on experience and precedent to offer future-proof legal solutions.

Get to know me.

A website for you about me.

The work of a barrister is still partly cloaked in mystery. Through this website, I aim to disabuse the mystery of the Bar and the practice of a barrister to unveil Talitha Fishburn, a barrister behind the wig and gown, committed to serving modern clients in modern ways.


My legal career spans over 15 years. Discover more about me including my legal experience, education, and ethos as well as my commitment to providing the best legal solution.


I provide specialist advocacy and legal advisory services. Discover more about the full range of these services including conducting cases and providing legal advice.


I have specialist legal knowledge across multiple practice areas including Commercial Litigation, Corporations & Insolvency, Property, Equity & Trusts, Corporate Social Responsibility, Regulatory, Family Law and more. Discover more about my specialisations.


I support a full spectrum of clients across multiple industries. Discover more about my typical clients.


I am committed to flexible, fair and transparent fee methods. Each client’s situation is unique and my approach offers a tailored fee structure. Discover more about the fee options available to my clients.


Writing is a passion. Read my journal for articles on legal developments and current awareness issues in the legal industry,


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