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Talitha Fishburn is registered as a Sole Trader.

Any observations, recommendations or guidance contained within this website – / is provided without any warranties expressed or implied. To the extent permitted by law, Talitha Fishburn makes no warranties or representations about the accuracy, completeness or fitness for any purpose of the contents of this website.

Exchange of Information

All information exchanged between Talitha Fishburn and her clients (even potential), partners, contractors and 3rd party service providers is to be considered confidential, and strictly not for external distribution or comparison without expressed written permission.

Partners & 3rd Parties

Talitha Fishburn maintains selective business relationships with a number of third party integration, development, technology partners, agents and suppliers (‘Partners’). Talitha Fishburn is not responsible for the business, communications or privacy practices of these partners.

We recommend you contact us to confirm the nature of any business referral or relationship in order to ensure no misrepresentation by any third party.

Affiliations & Representations

Talitha Fishburn is registered as a Sole Trader under Australian company law. Talitha Fishburn acknowledges that there may be other individuals, or businesses named Talitha Fishburn or similar that operate in countries other than Australia. Unless specifically stated, Talitha Fishburn is not affiliated with these businesses, and it is encouraged that any user of this site confirm the origin of information or requests received.


Talitha Fishburn publishes and provides this website without warranty of any kind, expressed or implied, as to the operation of the site, the accuracy of information or the products or services referred to on the website (in so far as such warranties may be excluded under relevant law) and Talitha Fishburn will not be liable for any losses or damage that may result from use of the website as a consequence of any inaccuracies in, or omissions from, the information which it may contain (in so far as such liability may be excluded or limited under relevant law).

Copyright & Trademarks

All visual designs, illustrations, logos, textual copywriting, news articles, service naming conventions and brand marks that appear on this website are the intellectual property of Talitha Fishburn and are to be considered copyright to the extent that they are not to be electronically or manually distributed, reproduced, republished, re-engineered or refashioned outside of Talitha Fishburn’s expressed written permission.

Please contact her immediately if you feel that any works are the property of a third party.

The ‘Talitha Fishburn’ phrase, brand mark and logo is an Australian trademark (™) of Talitha Fishburn, and may not be used without expressed written permission.

All names and trademarks as appearing on this website are copyright to their respective owners – inclusive of instances where a copyright, trademark, service mark or registered trademark symbol has not been specifically appended or displayed.

Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy applies to all personal information collected by Talitha Fishburn via the website located at and

This website abides by the Information Privacy Principles of the Privacy Act 1988.

Contact us about Privacy

We take privacy seriously. For that reason, please read the following details carefully and get in contact with us if you have any questions. You can contact us using the information provided on our contact page here.

Personal Information of Users

The website may collect personal information from you in the course of your use of the website if you input any personal information into the website or communicate with Talitha Fishburn via an email provided on the website.

Non-identifiable information about your computer hardware and software may be automatically sent and captured by the website, for example your IP address, browser type, and the date/times/durations accessing this website. This is non-identifiable information. It is only analysed to determine usage patterns that may assist in making performance improvements to the website.

Collection and Purpose

The purpose for which the website may collect personal information and sensitive information is to provide the best service experience possible on this website.


Talitha Fishburn may from time to time disclose personal information but only to her service providers who assist in operating the website. She will only disclose personal information to an unrelated third party with your consent except to the extent permitted by law.

Access and Correction

National Privacy Principle 6 of the Australian Privacy Act 1998 (Cth) allows you to get access to, and correct, the personal information the website may hold about you.


There are processes in place to help ensure the security of personal information and sensitive information, and limitations on access to personal and sensitive information.

Marketing Information

Talitha Fishburn may use your personal information to send you marketing information. If you prefer not to receive marketing information from her, you can contact me on the details set out.

Use of Social Media

Talitha Fishburn may use social media on this website from time to time to enable you to engage with my content on various social platforms. For information on how these platforms may collect and disclose your personal information, please refer to the privacy policy of the relevant social platform.

Third Party Websites

Talitha Fishburn may provide links to third party websites to enhance your use of this website. For information on how these third party websites may collect and disclose your personal information, please refer to the privacy policy of the relevant third party website.

Linking from a third party website to our website may be permitted provided that the third party website does not contain material which could be considered to be unlawful, threatening, defamatory or obscene or which may bring the reputation of Talitha Fishburn into disrepute. Please ask her before linking to this site.


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