Specialist advocacy and legal advisory services.

Discover the full range of specialist legal services offered by Talitha Fishburn.


Court & Tribunal Advocacy

I specialise in advocacy. I appear in all Australian Courts and Tribunals, especially superior and higher courts such as the Supreme Court of New South Wales. I accept briefs for final hearings, interlocutory hearings and appeals.

I work closely with my clients to settle accurate and effective pleadings (such as Statements of Claim, Cross Claims and Defences), prepare interlocutory phrases (for example, requests for subpoenas, notices to produce and discovery), conferring with witnesses, including expert witnesses and settling their affidavits and evidence and drafting legal submissions, for example, outlines of submissions, closing submissions and case outlines.

Legal Advisory & Opinions

Much of my work involves providing legal advice and legal opinions.   One portion of my legal advisory practice is advising on issues arising in litigation (for example, advising on pre-litigation strategy, case preparation, advising on prospects of success and advising on settlement strategies and costs consequences).

The other portion of my legal advisory services is legal advice but which is not necessarily connected to any litigation, for example, advising on the effect and operation of a statutory provision or the effect and operation of a clause in a contract or deed included in a Will or Trust Deed.  I also provide advice on other legal documents (whether draft or concluded) such as commercial leases, licences and a variety of commercial contracts.

I tailor my advice work for each client having regard to factors such as complexity, sensitivity, budget, cost expectations and time constraints.

My advisory services work is both written (either long form or summary, as requested) or sometimes verbal, for example, in conference or via telephone conference.

Writing & Research

Writing, Drafting & Reviewing

A core part of my business is writing. I create many types of documents for litigation purposes. For example, I draft and settle pleadings (Statements of Claim, Defences, Cross Claims), witness statements and affidavits, correspondence, settlement agreements, notices of motion and submissions.

I also draft and settle other documents unrelated to litigation such as contracts, deeds, trust instruments and policy documents.

Legal Research

I have sophisticated legal research skills in all areas of the law including case research, legislation, policy, treaties, parliamentary materials and other legal writings.

I provide accurate and relevant legal research on most areas of Australian law and I use comprehensive legal research tools for all jurisdictions (State, Federal and International).

Teaching & Training

Legal Seminars

I deliver customised legal seminars and training workshops for solicitors, firms, organisations and industry bodies.

I deliver papers and seminars on nominated topics as well as topics of my own creation, for example, recent legal developments and case overviews or more practical topics such as legal drafting technique. All content is applicable for Continuing Legal Education purposes (either on substantive areas of the law or practice management, professional skills and ethics).

I present Continuing Legal Education papers and seminars to many forums including metropolitan, regional and suburban law societies and law practices.

Sample Seminar Topics

Please contact me for a list of my recent topics and seminar papers.

Academic Teaching

My services include teaching law at the undergraduate and postgraduate levels either as a tutor, lecturer or guest academic.

Pro Bono

Advice Clinic

I provide pro bono advice from time to time with priority for those who are economically disadvantaged. Interested persons should bring relevant documents with them for the conference.

Please contact me for more information.

Mentoring & Coaching

I provide confidential mentoring and coaching for persons interested in the study of law or working as a barrister particularly females and indigenous persons. Often reaching out to people in the area is the best way to commence the journey to the Bar. I am available to assist with mentoring and support in these areas.


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